F-1 Visa Interview Guidance Service

At D-vivid, students are provided a tailor made strategy to clear the F1 Visa Interview. Unlike the agents, D-vivid experts does not provide pre-prepared answers that students memorize and recite to the office. Here, the strategy is highly customized based on the personal experience of the D-Vivid expert, Darshan Shah and his journey so far as an US Visa Consultant. Students are required to work their way through the interview under his guidance and the results are bound to be fantastic. So far, even students with low GRE scores and 10 plus backlogs have been able to clear the F1 visa interview in the first attempt. If you are looking for a spoon-feeding kind of platform, then this is surely not the place.

Thorough preparedness is the key to success for accomplishing the study in USA goals. This is how D-vivid prepares you for F1 Visa Interview:

Helps you think from the perspective of the Visa Officer:

One of the primary reasons for interview failure is the contradiction between the perspectives of the visa officer and students. Our module recreates the visa interview experience and help the student to understand how the Visa Officer thinks and perceives your answers.

Helps you in documentation:

Although financial documents are not mandatorily reviewed during the F1 visa interview but bank statements and loan sanction letter are occasionally asked for. The crux is to justify that you are financially competent to sponsor your education in the USA. Interestingly, different consulates have slight variation in the rules and regulations.

F1 Visa Coaching:

This exclusive program offered by D-vivid which is custom-built based on the profile and personal ability of the candidate. This program includes:

  • Access to F1 Visa 101 course
  • 20 Minutes Strategy Session
  • Two mock interviews
  • Strategic mapping of the strengths and weaknesses of the student

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