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How to Identify and Get Hired for the Right Internship Opportunity – in India & Abroad


How to Identify and Get Hired for the Right Internship Opportunity – in India & Abroad

Internships are becoming an increasingly important stepping stone towards building a successful career in any field. Students and young aspirants in India are now exploring internship opportunities both in India as well as globally. A good internship background and take your profile to a more professional level and give confidence to your prospective employer. Internships can be of many types – industrial internships, management internships, training-based internships. paid / unpaid internships, academic / research internships, and so on. We are one of the best overseas consultants in Gujarat as well as a leading student visa consultant in Gujarat. We are front-runners as international internship service providers in Gujarat and in this article, our team of experts will share with you how to go about identifying and getting hired for the right internship opportunities in your domain.

Why is Internship Important?

  1. It helps you gain first-hand experience of working within a team in an organization
  2. It is the first step towards developing your own network of professionals which will help you grow in the long run
  3. By dedicating yourself during the internship, you can introspect deeper into your goals as well as set realistic expectations in your area of interest
  4. It adds credibility to your resume and demonstrates to your prospective employer that you are prepared for the role and would be a great asset to their organisation

Note: Did you know? Sometimes, companies recruit bright and promising Interns – if they like your work, they will try to keep you!

Preparing to Apply for Internship

  1. Get clarity on the type of internship that is aligned with your goals.
  2. Get a professional resume – your profile should speak for itself!
  3. Create profiles on LinkedIn, Branchout, AngelList, Zerply, MeetUp and VisualCV highlighting your achievements and interests to develop a discoverable, professional presence online.
  4. Tap in to your network like college groups and alumni, family members, companies where you have a reference and employees you know, to search for an internship.
  5. Apply early for internships e.g., if you need a summer internship then start applying from the month of January.
  6. Be fluent in Professional English(written) and Professional English(spoken), so that it’s easier for you to communicate with employers.

However, no matter how much you prepare, the most difficult step in the process is ‘finding an internship.’ Later in this article, our experts will share with you some of the best websites in India where you can find professional internship opportunities matching your skills and career goals. But first, let us explore the various means of searching for internship opportunities briefly.

Step by step guidance for searching for internship opportunities

  1. Faculty Reference
  2. Internship Campaigns by Organizations
    1. Foreign Internships
    2. Internship Programs in India
  3. Through Direct Contact / Cold Emails to Professors
  4. By Presenting at a Conference

1. Faculty Reference

Approaching faculty members at your alma mater for internship references can be a good place to start. They can even recommend you to one of their professional contacts for internship. But before you approach a faculty, make sure you have clearly identified “why they should recommend you”. It would be helpful if you have done some work with the faculty and or have an excellent academic record. Be polite, highlight your strengths and desire to progress professionally and humbly request for help – you are likely to get support from your faculty members.

2. Internship Campaigns by Organisations

Various universities and organizations run internship campaigns, i.e. they invite open applications from students. Contact your seniors to know more about such programmes at various institutions and keep searching online. Sometimes, you may also find internship programmes being advertised on the LNMIIT google groups. Be sure to keep a tab on these.

A few internship programs that are popular among Indian students / professionals are laid down below – they are classified into foreign internships and internships in India.

2. a. Foreign Internships

Foreign internships are much more than academics – you can travel to amazing places, learn new cultures, acquire survival skills, meet new people, and have the experience of a lifetime. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Summer internship programmes in foreign universities are called Summer enrichment programmes. The best time to apply for such programmes/courses is around November.

There are two ways to get a call
1. By directly emailing professors
2. Through official foreign internship programs.

As a leading overseas student consultant in Gujarat, we hereby recommend some of the best foreign internship programs as below:

  1. Mitacs, Canada
  2. DAAD, Germany
  3. SN Bose Scholars Program and other such fully funded programs (USA) (Follow : Visitations And Fellowships)
  4. RISS (CMU Robotics Program)
  5. NTU Singapore internship program
  6. SURF program, CALTECH
  7. RIPS, UCLA program
  8. Charpak Research Internship Program, France
  9. European Union Internship Programme
  10. ICCL Lab, Taiwan

Highly motivated and research-oriented graduates from IIT and NITi in the 3rd year are often placed in internship positions through MITACS and DAAD. Needless to say, you will need a high CGPA score (except in some cases when you have a good research experience that matches with what the research project is about). High CGPA doesn’t guarantee that you will get one, but it will certainly give you an edge over others. For some of the above programs, you will need to be among top 3 of your department to become eligible or consideration.

A primary advantage of landing an internship through such programs is that you will be fully funded. You can check the official registration date for such programs from their websites. It is often useful to obtain internship services from consulting agencies so that you can focus on your career while the agency takes care of the process. We are a leading student visa consultant firm in Gujarat, the best overseas career consultant in Gujarat and a leading internship service provider from Gujarat. You can seek our expertise and support for foreign internships.

2.b. Internship Programs in India:

In India, there are a lot of summer internship programs which are announced mostly from Sept/Oct. You can reach out to professors from IIT/NIT. There are plenty of summer internship programs which also provide you monthly stipend. All the IITs have their own summer internship programs which are announced mostly from January (keep checking their websites around this period!) Other top internship programs in India include:

Lastly, you can also consider industrial internships at L&T, ONGC, NTPC etc. All the internships at industries, startups and companies can be accessed through your campus T&P section.

3. Through Direct Contact / Cold Emails to Professors

Here, you make a list of professors at various academic institutions and email them separately, seeking the possibility of an opening for internship. Firstly, identify your area of interest, search for conferences in that area and then search for a list of organizers, participants, guest speakers. For example, if you are interested in image processing, computer vision or related fields, I can suggest the following conferences: NCVPRIPG (National Conference on Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Graphics), ICVGIP (Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing) and of course many other conferences in India and abroad.  After making a contact-list, reach out to them separately. Before contacting them, it is extremely beneficial for you to have a working experience in the field you have chosen. Having at least a project in your profile is a must.

Reach out to professors around Jan-Feb for an internship in summer along with a cover letter (about 1 page or so) and your CV. However, they would be not be interested if your emails are spam – i.e. you write a single mail and go around sending the same content to everyone. Avoid such steps to save time, instead, work methodically and committedly. Find about the work and publications of each professor before writing to them. Usually, you won’t need an SOP to write to a professor.

4. By Presenting at a Conference

Another way is through presentation of your project/research work in a conference. After the conference, enquire with event participants if they have an opening at their university for intern-ship. There is generally considerable number of professors in these conferences.

Concluding Note

Start early to get the best opportunities quickly!

To be on the safe side, start applying from the month of August or September. The depth of research you carry out before applying is going to be extremely critical – don’t send out emails without adequate research as it will harm your professional reputation. Once you are done with the research and have prepared your resume, start applying to Universities. Do not send your CVs in a one go – send around 3–4 CVs per day. This way, if you start from August you can cover all the Universities. It is also a good idea to send your CVs according to the time zones of foreign countries, so that your mail reaches at the right time (usually people read their mails in the morning time, or when they start their work).

As the frontrunner in the student visa consulting, the best overseas career consulting and a leading internship service provider, we are in a great position to help you land the ideal internship opportunity. You can contact us at

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